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Chalis Montgomery Calls for Accountability in Washington County Taser Death

August 1, 2017

In July, 58-year-old Euria Lee Martin was lethally tasered by Washington County, Georgia,  sheriff’s deputies who were responding to a call. The death of Mr. Martin has called into question, once again, the use of lethal force by law enforcement. An investigation is ongoing. In response to the death of Mr. Martin, Georgia 10th district congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery released the following statement:

“This past Sunday I attended a community  meeting in Sandersville.  After speaking with concerned citizens and reviewing the details of the incident, I am joining in the call for district attorney Hayward Altman to recuse himself. 

While Altman is a highly respected District Attorney, it is important to acknowledge the need to build trust and repair relationships. Recusal may not be legally necessary, but because it is a step which serves to maintain public confidence in the process, it is morally necessary. The people of Washington County deserve to be reassured that regardless of the outcome, justice is served. 

When elected to congress, I will work to secure necessary resources for our law enforcement to be able protect and serve our communities while ensuring their own safety. I am a leader who listens, and I'm determined to take action on all aspects of criminal justice reform."

Chalis Montgomery