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Chalis Montgomery’s busy week in the district working for every voice

August 12, 2017
Atlanta— A speech before the Independent Political Action Committee (I-PAC)-Georgia in Alpharetta was the highlight of a busy week on the campaign trail for GA-10 congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery.
Montgomery, who is running against incumbent Republican Rep. Jody Hice, joined DNC Co-chair Keith Ellison and other progressives August 11 in addressing the crowd at The Cedar Grill. Montgomery joined the race last month after the 2016 presidential election sparked a new sense of activism.
Montgomery touched on the theme of inclusion for all Americans and asked the crowd to join her because there is a clear choice between “love and fear” in this campaign. She will be a congresswoman for all of District 10, she said, not just those who agree with her.
 “I jumped into this race because I saw how cowardly the Rev. Jody Hice has been and how he has treated and mistreated my future constituents,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery said she wanted to be the kind of leader that her daughter and other Americans can emulate. Leadership is not born out of fear, she said.
“Leadership is in the quiet persistence of prayer and in the resounding voices of millions of marchers,” said Montgomery, a former children’s minister. “It is all of us together, ‘we the people,’ and that is what I’m running for in the 10th district of Georgia.”
The speech was part of a full week for Montgomery, who traveled the district talking with constituents and listening to them discuss the things that matter most.
On August 8, she spoke with the Washington County Democrats in Sandersville; on August 10, she attended a Candidate(s) on the Corner with GA-12 candidate Trent Nesmith in Evans. Today, (August 12), Montgomery is participating in Emily’s List Candidate Training in Atlanta; and on Monday, August 14, she will be appearing at the Walton County Democrats Monthly Meeting.

Chalis Montgomery