Montgomery for Congress                                                                      Georgia's 10th District
For Every Voice



Platform: An Agenda to Strengthen Our Communities

Solving Our Health Care Crisis

Every American deserves the right to live a healthy, productive life, and that includes access to affordable, quality health care. No one should ever go bankrupt because of a hospital bill, fear going to the doctor, or not be able to afford their prescription drugs. Strong communities care for all citizens, including our seniors, disabled people, those with chronic illness, and our children. I support Medicare for All because it’s the best way to solve the health care cost and care burden facing our district, particularly when it comes to protecting and expanding rural health care access. By expanding Medicaid in the short term to close the coverage gap, and passing Medicare for All, we will have health care  that covers everyone, reduces rising health care costs, and reduces the health care burden on our job-creating businesses.

Keeping America Safe and Honoring our Veterans

It is in our nation’s best interest to focus on our national security, and our role as a leader in the world. We must invest in intelligence infrastructure and work to bolster and rebuild our alliances. In Congress, I will work to strengthen our homeland security, use diplomacy to deal wisely with those who would seek to do America or our allies harm, actively encourage an end to destabilizing conflicts, and work against reckless aggression. We will use all the tools of American power to confront global threats, such as nuclear proliferation, global terror threats, and ensure war is only employed when absolutely necessary to keep our nation safe. We should make sure our servicemen and servicewomen receive pay and benefits that allow them to live dignified lives, and that we honor our commitments to those who served by improving the VA system, supporting veteran job training and placement programs, and promoting the GI Bill.

Strengthening our Economy

Higher wages help our economy grow. In Congress, I will vote for legislation that ensures that all workers earn a living wage, with accommodations made to meet the needs of our small business community. Hard-working Americans should be able to provide for their families without relying on taxpayer subsidies.

Our increasingly global economy depends on innovation in science, research, education, and technology to foster economic growth, and federal funding is a critical part of the investments we need to make to ensure our nation can remain competitive. In Congress, I will work to empower local communities, including our small towns, and I will be a strong voice for the solutions they need to help solve economic challenges, promote business growth, and create and preserve good jobs for Georgia workers. I will also work for tax reform that supports the middle and working class, and helps level the playing field between small businesses, the engine of our economy, and multinational corporations.

An Education System that Works for All

It's time to stop pretending that many of our schools are failing on their own, and ensure our schools have the funding and resources they need to help students succeed in the classroom, and in life. Smaller class sizes, fewer standardized tests, and more recess have all been shown to have positive results on students’ ability to learn.  Every child deserves the full measure of opportunity America has to offer. Building that opportunity begins with supporting families with their child care and early-childhood education needs, and continues with ensuring our young people obtain the necessary job and trade skills necessary to earn a stable living. Student loan debt and the rising cost of higher education is a barrier facing those seeking to learn in our district, which is why we need a national program modeled after a fully funded version of Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship, and programs that forgive student debt for those who are willing to serve their community in non-profit organizations, as teachers, and other critical occupations.

Protecting Civil Rights and Opportunity in our CommunitY

As a Christian, I fully believe in the principle of being a good neighbor and treating everyone with respect and dignity. The impact of discrimination on the basis of race, gender and sexual identity remains an unnecessary and painful burden on too many in our district and our nation. Being for every voice means standing for justice and against hate and division. It means supporting our Constitutional rights, the full implementation and enforcement of the Civil Rights Act, the restoration of the Voting Rights Act, and policies that help create stronger communities and increased opportunities for all of our citizens, including our communities of color and LGBT communities. I believe in equal pay for equal work, collective bargaining, paid family and sick leave, anti-discrimination ordinances, common sense immigration reform that protects families, and federal protections and programs to support disadvantaged communities.