Montgomery for Congress                                                                      Georgia's 10th District
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Real Solutions for Real Issues

My name is Chalis Montgomery, and I have some questions for my fellow Georgians: Would you put country over party if it meant you had real representation in Congress? What do you think we could we get done if we started listening to each other?

Our district is filled with Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between. We work hard every day, love our families, and believe in the promise of the American dream. We all share a hope for better days to come.

I have talked to and worked with people from all walks of life and learned from them. What I've discovered is how much we agree, how unified we are in our patriotism, and that if we just work together, we can get a lot done.


The Gospel takes away our right forever to discriminate between the deserving and the undeserving poor.
— Dorothy Day