Montgomery for Congress                                                                      Georgia's 10th District
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For Every Voice


Common sense Georgia values:

Real Solutions for Real Issues

My name is Chalis Montgomery, and I have some questions for my fellow Georgians: Would you put country over party if it meant you had real representation in Congress? What do you think we could we get done if we started listening to each other?

Our district is filled with Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between. We work hard every day, love our families, and believe in the promise of the American dream. We all share a hope for better days to come.

I have talked to and worked with people from all walks of life and learned from them. What I've discovered is how much we agree, how unified we are in our patriotism, and that if we just work together, we can get a lot done.


Platform: A Moral Agenda for the 21st Century

Health Care

Every American deserves to live with dignity, and that includes affordable access to quality health care.  We deserve the freedom to choose the best option for our families, including existing private plans as well as access to a national health insurance plan.  No one should ever go bankrupt because of a hospital bill.  A just society cares for all citizens, especially the most vulnerable.


Our nation's security comes from sound policy at home and abroad.  We must make investments in intelligence infrastructure and work to rebuild alliances with our allies.  Local communities need to be able to work together with public safety officials to create the brightest future possible. We should make sure our service men and women are paid enough that they don’t need food stamps to get by and they can get the care and support they need when they come home.

The Economy

In order to propel economic growth, we must ensure all workers make a living wage, and that small business owners can afford to meet that obligation. Employees working 40 hour weeks deserve to be able to provide for their families without relying on taxpayer subsidies.   My economic proposals will provide for employees as well as employers and aim to increase prosperity for all.


Small towns throughout the country are suffering from a lack of jobs, opportunity, and hope.  The role of the federal government should be to empower local communities to find solutions that work for their unique issues in the form of business innovation grants, apprenticeships, and tax incentives.


It's time to stop pretending education is failing on its own, and fully fund our schools.  Lower class sizes, less standardized testing, and more recess have all been shown to have positive results.  Every child deserves the full measure of opportunity America has to offer, and building that opportunity begins with universal early childhood education and continues with learning 21st century skills and trades.


A moral society guarantees all citizens equal participation, which includes personal responsibility and shared responsibility, individual rights, and collective rights. The government must never trample the free exercise of any religion or any relationship.  We must finally affirm our commitment to justice by passing the Equal Rights Amendment and honor the God-given talents we bring to the workforce by passing the Employee Non-Discrimination Act.


The Gospel takes away our right forever to discriminate between the deserving and the undeserving poor.
— Dorothy Day